Streamlined and simple

Spend your time engaging patients, not setting up your studies

The Linkt platform has been designed to be:

  1. Flexible
  2. Easy to modify
  3. Quick to deploy

Although clinical trials have become more complex, managing them should be simple. With the Linkt platform, you can set up and launch your study in hours not weeks. You can be in control of multiple studies simultaneously, but each study has its own participant, instrument management, and data monitoring in real-time. There’s no IT expertise necessary for set up so you can do it or we can do the heavy lifting for you.

Create your milestones

You can easily build your patient journey by breaking your study down into smaller milestones with unique goals, instruments, and rewards. Changes can be triggered based on data inputs, real-world events, and other milestones.

Our easy-to-use survey engine lets you create a variety of:

  1. Question types
  2. Complex skip logic
  3. Deployment criteria

Convert your existing paper instruments in minutes, and watch the data start to flow in real time. Or, select from our pre-validated clinical assessments and mobile-optimized behavioral and cognitive games. 

Easy Data Digestion

  • Quickly download your survey results at any time during a study to monitor your participants.
  • Connect your data analysis tools directly to our back end for ingestion into your existing workflow.
  • Our flexible ecosystem makes it easy to incorporate our tools into new or existing studies.

Get insight into the health of your study

  • Monitor your study participants accurately with real-time analytics.
  • Interactive compliance dashboard provides insight into:
    • The efficacy of your study instruments.
    • The best times to engage your cohort.
    • How to modify study parameters to prevent dropouts before they happen. 

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