Meaningful patient engagement. Measurable impact.

Breakthrough technology for patient engagement in decentralized trials.

Designed for decentralized, virtual trials, Datacubed Health’s disruptive mHealth platform, Linkt, uses behavioral science and SaaS technology to improve patient compliance and retention and increase data quality.

Behavior matters. It provides valuable insights into what motivates people and shapes their decisions. Linkt is built on four behavioral elements to enhance a patient’s experience in clinical trials while improving data capture and quality.

Reduce Friction

Friction and frustration are enemies of patient experience, so Linkt makes it quick and easy to complete instruments, enter data, or complete paperwork. Sponsors also maintain trust by ensuring that patients understand the study and what’s expected of them, that appointments are conducted promptly and as expected, and that instruments are well designed.

Make Participation Beneficial

Linkt makes participation in the trial part of a patient’s personal identity through a personal avatar in the mobile app. As an intrinsic motivator, participant identity makes it hard to leave a study. Highly effective for all ages and genders, avatars are customizable to match a patient’s style and appearance. Research reveals that less than 1 in 50 will leave a study once a study participant’s identity has been locked in.

Motivational Intervals

Motivators must be early, powerful and quick. Established at client-configured intervals, these motivational elements are intentionally designed down to the very last detail. Short-term rewards – for completing an instrument or blood draw – maximize dopamine release for immediate reinforcement. Medium-term rewards create a sense of expectation and anticipation around a future reward. And long-term motivators make it possible to exchange in-study “currency” for a contribution to a disease-related charity – an approach that powerfully combines personal identity, motivational intervals, and meaningful goals.

Make Participation Fun

Linkt reimagines clinical instruments to transform a required task from friction to fun, incorporating positive surprises and inspiring curiosity throughout the clinical trial process.

Capture High-Quality Data

With an easy-to-use patient interface, data collection is simplified in the Linkt app, enabling patients to enter data wherever they are – on-site or virtually – while also enabling passive data collection.

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