Mobile health designed with you in mind.

Data³ offers a suite of 5 essential
products—the most seamless data collection platform ever.


Built trust with
eConsent solutions

Proven to be more effective than paper-based methods, our customizable eConsent process lays the foundation of trust between researchers and participants.


Keep participants

Our designers and researchers put people first — to improve clinical outcome assessments through increased participation and high retention rates.


Improve data collection
using third party sensors

Aggregate disparate data from devices like wearables, beacons, and more, customized to enhance any study.

Gain Insight

Run your study with
complete visibility

Manage your operations with a clear overview of participant behaviors.


Get the bigger picture

Link up participants using the LTE connectivity of D3’s Study Gateway, and connect to their environments using our robust environmental sensor suite including air quality and smart home data.

About Data³

A tech company putting a human touch on digital health

Our Mission

Data Cubed, Inc. is a life-sciences tech company building better societies through better data. Our solutions and services are a catalyst for change and offer behavioral nudges and inform the greater healthcare community about treatments and wellness with unprecedented precision. D3, together with its partners and clients, are creating a new future of big data; fundamentally improving the human condition.

Core Values

Privacy, Philanthropy, Innovation and Exploration are core values of D3. Privacy pervades all that we do. The privacy policy of D3 serves as our guide for all of our organizational activities and drives the commitments we make internally and externally. This includes privacy in technology, information/data privacy, IP privacy, confidential information classification, and employee certifications and training.

How can we help you?

Life Sciences & CROs

With streamlined EDC solutions via ePRO and devices/wearables, get dependable data from participants living their everyday life.

Hospitals & Health Systems

Remotely take care of patients to prevent readmission. Our interactive app and third-party integrations let you engage and track your patients while you motivate them to live healthier.

Payers & Insurers

Like you, we are committed to population health. Together we can provide engaging, beneficial experiences for your members to maximize their treatment options and live healthier.