Uncover the truth in
your clinical trials.

Uncover the truth in your clinical trials.

A revolutionary mHealth platform designed for more engagement, better data, and lower costs.

A revolutionary mHealth platform designed for more engagement, better data, and lower costs.

Keep Participants

Our game like experiences make it fun and engaging for participants to complete activities.

FDA Compliant

Focus your time on research. Our Private Cloud  solutions are built to keep your data safe and help accelerate your time to market.

Deploy in Minutes

Our ePRO tools are powerful yet simple to use for your study administrators and participants. Launch your study in minutes with the Linkt Platform.

Latest News

Unleash the full potential of the Human Genome Project
How do the risks embedded in our genes become the diseases, the so-called phenotypes, we seek to cure or prevent?

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University of Southern Denmark Studies Impact of Smart Phones On Memory and Cognition Using Datacubed Health App
University and Datacubed Health also Research
Effects of Mindfulness and Music on Working Memory and Stress

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Bring-Your-Own-Device In Clinical Trials: Achieving High Quality Data At Lower Cost
Surveys now suggest that half of all companies in North America allow bring-your-own-device (BYOD), recognizing the security capabilities of current smart devices as well as the reduced costs, higher performance, compliance rates and ease of managing a single phone.

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Run Your Study

Engage Your Participants

Collect Better Data

Linkt Platform

Take the headache out of launching a new digital study. Quickly choose your data types, preferred surveys and tasks, and get them out to participants right away.

Linkt Patient Engagement

Our gamified and milestone driven experience guarantees best in class retention and engagement.

Linkt Cognition

Understand users like never before with our battery of validated cognitive tasks and games.

Linkt eConsent

Quickly enroll and manage participant consent.

Linkt eCOA

Modern experience for patient and caregiver reported outcomes, clinical outcome assessments, questionnaires, and clinician reported outcomes.

Linkt Behavior

Take the burden out of patient diaries with our collection of trackers for nutrition, expenses and activities.

Linkt Geolocation

Location based site triggers for alerts when a patient visits a clinic, physician or hospital.

Linkt Sensor

Connect a suite of wearable health sensors or integrate custom devices with our data collection platform.

About Datacubed Health

A tech company putting a human touch on digital health

Our Mission

Datacubed Health is a pioneering technology company making better science and healthier communities a reality. We apply individualized solutions for the capture of data, including smartphone apps, wearable, in-home, and environmental sensors, for remote engagement with patients and for virtual clinical studies. Focusing on healthcare and life sciences, Datacubed Health offers software and services driven by behavioral science to improve patient retention and compliance, resulting in better data and positive health outcomes. We believe that the best way to unlock the insights that have eluded scientists is understanding the holistic life of an individual.

Core Values

Privacy, Philanthropy, Innovation and Exploration are core values of Datacubed Health. Privacy pervades all that we do. The privacy policy of Datacubed Health serves as our guide for all of our organizational activities and drives the commitments we make internally and externally. This includes privacy in technology, information/data privacy, IP privacy, confidential information classification, and employee certifications and training.

How can we help you?


Need to find the best approach to engage your participants and meet your research goals? Our team of Ph.D. researchers can help create a successful plan to ensure you are collecting the right data reliably.


Need help running ePRO for the first time? We can validate your instruments to confirm that digital versions provide FDA-ready data with higher quality than paper measures.


Understanding how to make meaningful insights from big data can be daunting. Our data scientists can provide guidance or full data analysis to help uncover the results you need.

Third Party

Does your study need data from a third party device? Our engineers can integrate your third party hardware or software solution using RESTful API's or available SDKs, all integrated into the True Clinical Platform seamlessly.

App Design

Complex challenges require novel solutions. Meet your unique needs with our Designers, Researchers, Scientists and Engineers. Let's innovate scientific discovery and healthcare together.

Get in touch to request a demo or learn more.