Patient engagement and data collection for decentralized trials

Breakthrough technology that drives greater compliance, retention and engagement in clinical trials

Designed for decentralized and hybrid trials, Datacubed Health’s Linkt is a patient-facing app designed for clinical trial data collection and patient engagement. Infused with the principles of behavioral science, Linkt offers patient compliance and retention rates of more than 90% and increased data quality through the duration of a study.

Reduce Friction

A consumer-grade experience, Linkt offers motivators, communications and rewards to keep your participants participating. Data collection is simple. No logging into web sites or portals; data is entered directly into the app, and participants know what they need to complete, and when, with daily reminders. And participants can onboard quickly, as a study can be configured and launched in hours — not days or weeks — with no IT experience required.

Make Participation Beneficial

Linkt makes participation in the trial part of a patient’s personal identity through a personal avatar in the mobile app. As an intrinsic motivator, participant identity makes it hard to leave a study. Highly effective for all ages and genders, avatars are customizable to match a patient’s style and appearance. Research reveals that less than 1 in 50 will leave a study once a study participant’s identity has been locked in.

Motivational Intervals

Motivators must be early, powerful and quick. Established at client-configured intervals, these motivational elements are intentionally designed down to the very last detail. Short-term rewards – for completing an instrument or blood draw – maximize dopamine release for immediate reinforcement. Medium-term rewards create a sense of expectation and anticipation around a future reward. And long-term motivators make it possible to exchange in-study “currency” for a contribution to a disease-related charity – an approach that powerfully combines personal identity, motivational intervals, and meaningful goals.

Make Participation Fun

Linkt reimagines clinical instruments to transform a required task from friction to fun, incorporating positive surprises and inspiring curiosity throughout the clinical trial process.

Capture High-Quality Data

With an easy-to-use patient interface, data collection is simplified in the Linkt app, enabling patients to enter data wherever they are – on-site or virtually – while also enabling passive data collection.

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