A New Dawn in Clinical Trials: How Datacubed Health Leads the Charge in Patient Engagement
Case Study

A New Dawn in Clinical Trials: Enhancing Patient Engagement

The case study highlights Datacubed Health’s groundbreaking approach to enhancing patient engagement in clinical trials through a user-friendly mobile app. The app was developed in response to the challenges associated with low compliance rates and the collection of incomplete data, which are common in traditional patient-reported outcome methods. By introducing a solution in 2016 that focuses on participant interaction and ease of use, Datacubed Health has significantly improved the quality and reliability of clinical trial data.

Traditional methods of collecting patient-reported outcomes often resulted in low participation and high dropout rates due to their complex and time-consuming nature. To tackle these issues, Datacubed Health’s app employs an easy-to-navigate design, incorporates engaging features like personal avatars, and uses gamification to make the data collection process more enjoyable and less tedious.

Despite some feedback that the gamification elements might be too casual for health-related questions, the overall response to the app has been overwhelmingly positive. The app’s engaging design and ease of use have proven effective in keeping participants involved over the duration of the trial.

A comparative study showed that 83% of participants preferred Datacubed Health’s mobile app over other electronic patient-reported outcome platforms, praising its quickness, simplicity, and convenience of using it on the go. The study also found that participants could complete surveys in just 5 minutes a day, a significant reduction compared to other methods.

In summary, Datacubed Health’s mobile app is at the forefront of enhancing patient engagement in clinical trials. By prioritizing the user experience, the app not only makes it easier for participants to contribute valuable data but also paves the way for more efficient and patient-centered clinical research. Datacubed Health’s commitment to integrating digital solutions in clinical trials is transforming how patient engagement and compliance are approached, driving advancements in medical research.

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