Linkt Location

With the pervasiveness of mobile devices, geolocation data can now be used to detect significant events in health-related projects. Large cohort-based programs currently rely on manual reviews of EDC data and medical records. This approach results in notification delays, wasted time and the underreporting of events. Linkt Location allows providers to select locations of interest, so as to detect visits and identify events in real time. It delivers fast, consistent, and reliable data for sites and sponsors.

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Real Time Outcomes and Events

Participants install the Linkt app on their phone which monitors for key events such as visiting a hospital or healthcare facility. Insights into real world data for productivity, mobility and efficacy can be gained from utilizing work and home based locations.

Missing Data and Endpoints

Undetected events like illness or hospitalization undermine the accuracy of data. Delays in reporting result in slow responses from sites to follow up with participants. Blending geolocation data into projects can fill in gaps and improve event monitoring capabilities.


Patient privacy is critical when collecting geolocation data. Linkt Location only captures information on visits to your predetermined locations and location information is safe on the participants phone. Continuous location information never leaves the patient’s phone, providing a higher level of privacy than many popular consumer apps on the market today.

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