Native, fully integrated features in one platform

Leverages behavioral science in every study interaction for maximum patient compliance & retention

As clinical trials become increasingly reliant on remote and virtual connections, Linkt provides a way to maintain momentum, regardless of the patient’s ability or need to visit a study site in-person.

Using the principles of behavioral economics to keep clinical trial participants engaged, adherent, and proud of their contributions to curing diseases, Linkt is effective in all patient populations and age groups.

Linkt significantly reduces friction and frustration, which are the enemies of patient experience.

Rich interactions guide participants through the study process, where they complete tasks, surveys and diaries. Layered with behavioral reinforcements like avatars, which connect a participant’s sense of self to participation in the study, and short- and long-term motivators and custom rewards for retention and compliance rates of up to 90%.

Behavioral Motivation

Motivators are infused at multiple time scales and reinforcement for consistent protocol compliance. Designed to help patients feel they are working toward achievable milestones and provides patients with rewards upon completion of each treatment cycle, which reinforces patient behavior and keeps them participating throughout the duration of the trial.

Motivational Design

  1. User-tested and researcher-approved
  2. Tasks feel like thematic games
  3. Measure key cognitive processes

Every task is a product of collaboration among cognitive scientists, game designers, and engineers. The strictest quality control with empirical study and playtesting ensures our tasks are scientifically valid and fun!

Virtual Visit

  • Offers in-app scheduling and reminders for patients
  • Ad-hoc visits allow patients to contact sites to discuss medical issues between appointments
  • Audit trails and HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant recordings for sites


Facilitates a consent process that includes providing study information to participants, evaluating participants’ comprehension of the information presented through text, videos and quizzes, and documenting the consent of subjects or their legally authorized representatives (LARs).


Creates a frictionless way to capture adverse event data – no calling patients, no manual data entry, and no data checking.

Places virtual fences around:

  1. Hospitals
  2. Medical Facilities
  3. Doctors’ Offices
  4. Anywhere an adverse event may be reported

Sensor Integration

Enables the collection of valuable insights from most IoT and wearable devices beyond routine clinic visits, with real-time data transmission back to the Linkt platform.

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