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Women in Leadership – Deena Bernstein

At Datacubed Health, we have extraordinary women who hold leadership positions. Our Women in Leadership spotlight aims to highlight these brilliant women. In our next spotlight, we interviewed Deena Bernstein, our Vice President of Customer Success.

Common challenges

We asked Deena about the challenges women leaders face. And she said that women leaders face challenges in having their voices heard regarding equality and equity in the corporate world.

Deena believes that confidence is one of the most important factors influencing a woman’s leadership ability. She said that some women struggle with having confidence, but it can be developed over time with focused efforts, experience, and coaching.

Deena’s Experience

Deena shared how she built her confidence and overcame challenges in the research industry by stepping out of her comfort zone. This helped her get involved and become well-known.

Leaders to look up to

We asked Deena if there is a woman leader she admires, and she named a few inspirational women leaders who have faced adversity, are brave, and have confident personalities.

For the next generation of female leaders, Deena advises being a continuous learner, being bold, having a vision, and not allowing anything to get in the way. She recommends doing something for personal growth each year.

We thank Deena for her contributions to our company, and we’re lucky to have her as one of our woman leaders at Datacubed Health. Keep an eye out for our next Women in Leadership article.