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Women in Leadership – Deena Bernstein

Our company is filled with extraordinary women, and our Women in Leadership spotlight aims to highlight the brilliant women who hold leadership positions here at Datacubed Health. 

For our next Women in Leadership spotlight, we sat down with our Vice President of Customer Success, Deena Bernstein.

What are the challenges women leaders face?
To keep my answer short and to the point, women leaders face challenges with having their voices heard regarding equality and equity in the corporate world.

What factors influence a woman’s ability to lead?
Confidence is one of the most important factors influencing a woman’s leadership ability. But for some, that doesn’t come naturally. For others, it’s inherent. You can develop it over time with focused efforts, experience, and coaching. I see a fair share of brilliant women struggle with having confidence and stepping into their power in the workforce. From my personal experience, I didn’t have the same confidence level when I started in this industry 20+ years ago compared to now. Looking back, it came to me in intervals as I accomplished and achieved more. I could articulate and empower myself and others to bring the best version of themselves to work.

When I entered this space, I had the opportunity to head up building a research organization within a large national healthcare organization. I didn’t know anything about drug development except that I found it fascinating and was inspired. This was something that I could be passionate about. There were challenges to overcome. No one else in the organization was doing this or even familiar with the business operations part of clinical trials. I had to be bold and do things that connected me to the research industry.

I joined all the organizations dedicated to clinical research. DIA, SCRS, and ACRP; you name any org in this space, and I can assure you that I was involved in it. Going out of my comfort zone to get involved helped me in the long run. I never said no, to anything, even when conferences would ask me to speak, and to this day, my knees still knock when I do it. By facing my fears head-on, I am now comfortable and well-known in these spaces. I still put my hand up and say ‘yes’ and am always willing to volunteer to support the clinical industry. It feels good to give back and share knowledge where others can learn and draw from experience.

Is there a woman leader you admire?
I’ve been blessed by getting to know and work with so many inspirational women leaders. To name a few rockstar leaders that have touched my life in an inspiring: Mo Faul, Christine Pierre, Clare Grace, Kendal Whitlock, and recently expanding my network and including Michelle Shogren, Angela Radcliffe, and Kimberly Tableman. Collectively, all of these successful women I admire have faced adversity, are bold, brave, fierce, and have powerful, confident personalities. They are not afraid to do things differently and push to the outer edges and beyond – and they do that for the patients, health equity, DEI, sites, and innovation. 

What advice do you have for the next generation of female leaders?
Be a continuous learner and be bold. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Have a vision you are aligned with and follow, and don’t allow anything to get in your way. Look at it as if there are no boundaries, and the opportunities will be endless. By the way, I’m just getting started! 

I recommend doing at least one thing for your personal growth each year. Something that piques your interest or makes you feel uncomfortable, like a retreat or a course to learn something new.

We thank Deena for her contributions to our company, and we’re so lucky to have her as one of our woman leaders at Datacubed Health. Be on the lookout for another Women in Leadership article next quarter.