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Why adaptive patient engagement is good for investigative sites, too

In an earlier post, I made the case for adaptive patient engagement: that an engagement platform should do more than enable personalized experiences. It should also be able to flex when real-life hiccups put a patient’s participation at risk.

This approach offers clear benefits for patients and provides the tailored support they need to stay in the trial. There are benefits for sponsors in terms of improving retention, compliance, and data quality throughout a trial. And there are benefits for investigative sites – the frontline clinicians who interact most with patients. 

The site perspective

Years ago, a clinical coordinator shared with me her frustration about the volume and complexity of “paperwork” involved in clinical trials. She said these tasks were highly time-consuming, eating up resources she would have preferred to devote to the people in her care. 

She summed it up this way: “Please give me back my patients.”

At the highest level, a platform for adaptive patient engagement does just that. It digitizes and automates screening, eConsent, and other workflows. Even more importantly, it gives sites visibility to patients that are timely, accurate, and actionable. 

Combing through records on a daily or weekly basis is a slow, inefficient way of identifying patients who may be dealing with study-related challenges. But by using a patient engagement platform, sites can separate the signal from the noise. With an actionable dashboard, sites can quickly surface the “who,” “why,” and “what next” in real-time to identify risk. Automated alerts ensure they are notified even more quickly and enable proactive contact with the patient before possible compliance or safety concerns arise. 

This kind of engagement platform isn’t intended as a replacement for interactions between the site and its patients. Rather, it’s designed to facilitate greater personalization and convenience. That can even include scheduling, conducting, and following up on virtual visits right from the platform.

Ultimately, a platform that supports adaptive engagement empowers investigative sites to focus on what really matters: delivering clinical care and support to patients. 

Let’s continue the conversation.

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