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Whether you’re collecting data for a health economics project or focused on medication adherence, Linkt offers powerful tools for pharmaceutical commercialization teams.
Use Case:

Medication Adherence

A pharmaceutical company had an injectable medication that adolescents took multiple times a day, over several years. Poor medication adherence was common with their young patients, who skipped doses due to the pain and inconvenience of injections. As a result, patient outcomes and therapeutic efficacy were being negatively impacted. The company also faced revenue shortfalls from lower than expected sales due to missed doses.

Using Linkt, the company launched an app to track medication adherence. The tracker would remind patients about their medication schedule and monitor when, and at what injection site, doses were administered. Patients received in-app digital gem rewards to further improve their compliance and engagement. Using this approach the company saw better health outcomes for patients and was able to recoup revenue for the therapeutic franchise.

Scale Fast

Streamlined setup and enrollment process means your project is online in weeks, not months.

Built for the Real World

Collect data on the patient’s own device. Everything from patient reported outcomes to medication adherence.

Data Storage

Store data securely and access it anywhere using our HIPAA Compliant cloud or on-premise solutions.

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