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Video: Transforming the Patient Experience in the Digital Age

Fact: Other industries invest in their “customer experience.” Why don’t clinical trials have “patient experience”? 

Clinical trials, despite their high costs at an average of $40,000 per participant, often grapple with the challenge of retaining participants. In this informative session, we will explore how the integration of behavioral science and next-generation reporting tools can revolutionize the patient experience, leading to increased engagement and improved retention rates in clinical trials.

Participants’ early departure from trials is frequently attributed to patient experience issues. This presentation will delve into the principles of behavioral science. And demonstrate how to design an intentional experience tailored to address these concerns. By understanding the cognitive, emotional, and social factors influencing patient decision-making, we can develop strategies that encourage ongoing engagement and foster long-term commitment.

Moreover, we will introduce next-generation reporting tools that are essential in bridging gaps in the patient journey. These innovative solutions facilitate real-time monitoring, enabling researchers to identify potential issues and address them proactively. With the aid of these tools, we can optimize communication, streamline processes, and ultimately, enhance the overall trial experience.

Join us in this insightful session to learn more about leveraging the power of behavioral science and cutting-edge reporting tools to create a patient-centered experience in clinical trials. Discover practical strategies to boost participant engagement, increase retention rates, and ensure the success of your clinical research.

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