Join the fight against opioids. ResQ helps patients and their loved ones build resilient networks of support, track progress, prevent relapses.

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As part of our mission at Datacubed Health to fundamentally improve the human condition, we created tools using unique predictors to empower both affected individuals and their support network.

Designed around the recovering user, ResQ makes it fun and easy for the user to gauge how they are doing by providing them with access to “gold-standard” clinical instruments that we’ve adapted to play like video games—without sacrificing scientific integrity.

The recovering users can share this information with their friends, family, mentors, or counsellors to create a permanent and meaningful source of support.

Supporters are provided with advice on how to interpret their loved one’s status from the data and nudged to respond using evidence-backed support techniques.

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Team Experts

Paul Glimcher, PhD

  • Julius Silver Professor of Neural Science
  • Professor of Neuroscience & Psychiatry
    NYU Langone School of Medicine
  • Principal Investigator for The National Institute for Drug Abuse

Silvia Lopez-Guzman, MD, PhD

  • Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
  • School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universidad del Rosario

Anna B. Konova, PhD

  • Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
  • Core Faculty
  • Brain Health Institute, Rutgers University

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