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Patient Engagement in Clinical Trials: Beyond Recruitment to Long-Term Success

Are you looking to revolutionize your approach to clinical trials? Join us for an enlightening panel discussion on “Patient Engagement in Clinical Trials: Beyond Recruitment to Long-term Success.” In this dynamic webinar, industry experts will explore the transformative power of actively engaging patients throughout the entire clinical trial lifecycle.

Engaging patients in clinical trials is no longer a mere checkbox on the trial to-do list; it’s a strategic imperative. Patient-centered trials enhance research quality, accelerate timelines, and improve the chances of success. But how can you truly leverage patient engagement to unlock these benefits?

Key Discussion Points:
  • Benefits of Holistic Patient Engagement: Our esteemed panelists will explore the manifold advantages of engaging patients throughout the clinical trial journey. From refining trial protocols to enhancing data quality and safety, we’ll explore how patient involvement can elevate your research.
  • Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Populations: Achieving diversity in clinical trial participation is pivotal for generating representative data. Learn from experts about the strategies and best practices for recruiting and retaining diverse patient populations in your trials.
  • The Long-term Commitment: Patient engagement doesn’t conclude with a single trial. Successful engagement requires a long-term commitment to building trust and relationships with patients. Discover why this investment is critical for sustained success in clinical research.
  • The Role of Technology: In today’s digital age, technology is pivotal in patient engagement. Our panelists will explore how technology, including curated engagement content, ePRO/eCOA, telemedicine, wearables, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), can drive meaningful interactions and motivate participants.
  • Motivations and Rewards: Understand the psychology behind motivating patients to participate in trials actively. We’ll explore innovative incentive structures and reward systems that keep patients engaged, informed, and eager to contribute to research.


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