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Translations in ePRO: Perceptions, Partnerships, and the Path Forward

The clinical trial translation process for eCOA/ePRO and patient engagement is far too often a mere afterthought – typically approached as little more than a deliverable requirement by an ethics committee. It’s seen as a commodity that has to be purchased and expedited rather than as a key to unlocking high-quality data from around the world. Resultantly, it’s also seen as one of the most significant challenges to study quality and timeliness and requires one of the most significant time commitments in electronic implementation. 

So how do we change this industry approach?

Hear from our Senior Director Translation Architect, Tracey Larrow, and TransPerfect’s Department Manager for Linguistic Validations, Elsa Lindstrom, where they will discuss these perceptions and the following:

  • Industry-wide perceptions of the translation process
  • The role of partnerships in solving clinical trial translation challenges
  • Criticality of collaboration and technology

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