Serving Underserved Populations: Going Beyond Recruitment Webinar

Serving Underserved Populations: Going Beyond Recruitment

Clinical trials play a crucial role in advancing medical research and improving patient outcomes. However, ensuring the inclusion of diverse and underserved populations in these trials remains a significant challenge. This webinar addresses this critical issue and explore strategies for engaging diverse patient populations, going beyond mere recruitment efforts. Moreover, the featured speakers dive into the role of behavioral science in improving engagement and retention among these populations, as well as highlight the importance of rebuilding trust in the clinical process by meeting patients’ needs and bringing the trial to them.

Engaging diverse patient populations is essential for generating robust data and understanding the effectiveness of treatments across different demographics. In this webinar, the speakers shed light on innovative approaches to overcome barriers that prevent the participation of underserved populations.

Behavioral science has emerged as a powerful tool in clinical trial research. Additionally, understanding patient behavior and motivations is key to enhancing engagement and retention in diverse populations. This webinar explores the principles of behavioral science and how they can be applied to address challenges faced by underserved communities. By tailoring trial protocols, communication strategies, and support services, an environment that fosters participation and trust can be created.

Rebuilding trust in the clinical process is essential to encourage underserved populations to consider clinical trials as a viable option. Meeting patients where they are, both geographically and culturally, and addressing their unique needs is paramount. This webinar showcases successful initiatives that have brought trials directly to communities, emphasizing the importance of accessibility and patient-centricity.

In conclusion, this webinar discusses the urgent need for serving the underserved in clinical trials. An inclusive and equitable research landscape can be created by exploring strategies for engaging diverse populations, leveraging behavioral science, and rebuilding trust that benefits all patients.

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Webinar: Serving the Underserved Populations: Going Beyond Recruitment


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