Decentralized Trials Research Alliance

DTRA 2021: Reimagining Clinical Trials Through the Eyes of the Patient, Presented by Kyle Hogan

The Datacubed app is the industry’s most innovative approach to clinical outcomes and patient-reported outcomes data. Come along with Datacubed Health’s President Kyle Hogan at this year’s Decentralized Trials Research Alliance (DTRA) conference as we take you through the participant journey using our patient-facing app. From consent to virtual visits, uncover how you can reimagine a truly patient-centric approach with one study built to support decentralized trials for the participant journey using our patient-facing app featured at DTRA 2021.

Our powerful solution goes way beyond simple data entry capabilities to enable a fully patient-centric study. By combining personal identity, motivational intervals and meaningful goals. Unlike other eCOA solutions, the Datacubed app has an easy-to-use interface allows participants to get right to what’s important, and can be downloaded directly from the App or Play store to a participant’s smartphone so they are up and running in minutes.

Creates a frictionless way to capture adverse event data – no calling patients, no manual data entry, and no data checking. Using the principles of behavioral economics to keep clinical trial participants engaged, adherent, and proud of their contributions to curing diseases, the Datacubed platform is effective in all patient populations and age groups.

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