Advancing Clinical Trials: The Essential Role of Patient Advocacy Datacubed Health

Advancing Clinical Trials: The Role of Patient Advocacy

In this episode of the R&D³ podcast, Susan Stein, a renowned patient advocate with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, joins us. Our discussion centers on the pivotal role of patient advocacy in clinical trials. Susan highlights the importance of integrating patients’ perspectives from the trial design phase, advocating for a more accessible and less burdensome approach.

This episode delves deep into the challenges faced by patients. These challenges include logistical hurdles like travel, financial constraints, and the complexity of consent forms. To reduce dropout rates in trials, Susan emphasizes the necessity of easing both the perceived and actual burdens on patients. She advocates for the involvement of patients in the planning stages of trials. This underscores the need to simplify processes, reduce unnecessary site visits, and acknowledge patient diversity.

Further, we explore how telehealth is revolutionizing trials, offering improvements without compromising crucial in-person doctor interactions. The conversation also covers the evolution of patient advocacy in clinical research post-COVID-19, with a special focus on enhancing diversity within trials.

Susan Stein offers insightful perspectives on how advocacy groups can contribute to making trials more inclusive. This episode is a must-listen for professionals in clinical research, patient advocacy, and healthcare policy. It highlights the shift towards patient empowerment and the critical need for a patient-centric approach in clinical trials.