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Resolve to remember why our work matters

As 2021 wound down, I had the opportunity to attend some conferences in person – a true pleasure after so many months behind screens. These experiences reminded me of the importance of connecting with others in three dimensions. They also reinvigorated the “why” of the work we do in clinical trials.

We’re here to make a difference for patients.

We’re also human, so as we focus on our to-do lists, we may become overly focused on nuts and bolts like churning out documents, managing escalations, and keeping inboxes under control. While that work is worthwhile, it isn’t what truly matters: helping people live longer, better lives.

A decade ago, I had the opportunity to meet a study nurse at a conference who was passionate about using her skills to bring better drugs to the market. Unfortunately, her time was taken up managing multiple tools, spreadsheets, and passwords, leaving her with little opportunity to engage with patients. She was clear on her purpose and what she needed to be more effective: “Can I please have my patients back?” At another event, I spoke about an oncology patient who had shared her own complex and demanding patient journey in a life-saving clinical trial. She recognized that her ability to take time off work and pay for travel was key – and that not every patient would be as fortunate.

Focusing on outcomes

For years, these interactions have kept me focused on increasing access, reducing friction, and improving the experience for clinical trial patients and the sites that support them. It’s not just about streamlining how we collect data about a patient’s symptoms; it’s about understanding whether and to what extent a treatment is making that person’s day-to-day life better.

After the two presentations I was overwhelmed by how many people sought me out to share their personal stories. From battling migraine headaches to aiding a sibling in managing epilepsy to the loss of a parent to cancer, we all shared a strong dedication to achieving greater results in patient experience, website experience, and overall health. These conversations filled me with enthusiasm and faith for our continued efforts in improving these areas.

As we start the new year, let’s recommit to our purpose and continue to make a difference. Our work matters, and for those seeking to collaborate with a company with a clear and compelling purpose, I invite you to check out Datacubed’s short demo video. We are a team of professionals that strive to make a meaningful impact in our projects. So, let’s come together and make a difference in 2021. Join us and let’s reach our goals together.