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Remember the “why” of better patient engagement

Social media companies make big investments to increase people’s engagement with their platforms. They employ all manner of tactics and techniques to make us spend more time viewing their content. The reason is simple: The higher the engagement, the more advertising revenue they can generate. In the clinical trial space, enhancing engagement of patients is an increasingly hot topic. While it’s encouraging to see it moving up the agenda, most efforts to date continue to miss the outcome that matters most: We need to keep patients in their trials until they complete the protocol. 

Despite our collective efforts to improve clinical trial design, implement new trial technologies, and adopt greater patient centricity, being a patient in a clinical trial is rarely a great experience. Roughly 20% of all patients randomized into a trial will still fail to complete the study – and that’s a huge problem for study timelines, total study costs, and time to market for novel treatments.   

What’s missing from current patient engagement efforts? Too often, we’re losing sight of the “why” of patient engagement. We relegate “engagement” to alarms, reminders, and informational messages. It’s time to start realizing the full potential of patient centricity and patient engagement by creating and nurturing meaningful interactions – the kind that meet patients where they are and make it far easier for them to follow the protocol. 

Having been in the ePRO and patient engagement space for well over a decade, I am excited to see signs of a shift toward this kind of purpose-driven patient engagement. That shift was a primary reason I joined Datacubed Health, where we are 100% focused on making the clinical trial better for patients. 

We’ve looked through the lens of modern behavioral science and behavioral economics and found ways to make meaningful interactions available within our digital clinical trial solutions. Whether providing support for ePRO/eCOA, eConsent, case alerts (with geofencing), medication adherence, or all of the above, Datacubed Health’s patient engagement solutions help deliver better, more meaningful experiences intentionally designed to solve the key problem of patient retention. 

When we start backing meaningful science with patient engagement, we can create better trial experiences that support better compliance and higher retention. That, in turn, means we can bring treatments to market more quickly – helping extend the length and quality of people’s lives. 

That’s a “why” we can all celebrate.

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