Our proven eCOA solution for consistent and reliable results

Simple ePRO/eCOA

Our easy-to-use interface quickly allows participants to get right to what’s important. Download our app directly from the App or Play store to a participant’s iOS or Android smart phone, and get them up and running in minutes. Avoid the costs and burden of dealing with managed devices.

Library of Validated Surveys

Leverage our validated survey instruments to ensure consistency with your existing data. Need to ensure your data is valid? Find out more about our validation and study design services.

Customize Questionnaires

Our easy-to-use survey engine lets you to create a variety of question types, complex skip logic, and deployment criteria. Convert your existing paper instruments in minutes, and watch the data start to flow in real time.

Easy Data Ingestion

Quickly download your survey results at any time during a study to monitor your participants. Or, connect your data analysis tools directly to our back end for ingestion with your existing analysis workflow. Our flexible ecosystem makes it easy to incorporate our tools into new or existing studies.

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