Diaries that do all the lifting for participants.

Diet and Nutrition

What are people eating?

Our Nutrition Tracker “trims the fat” from boring, time consuming, conventional tools, capturing only what’s essential to nutrition and caloric intake. By chatting with a friendly digital assistant and picking from an assortment of familiar foods and beverages, a user can report an entire meal in as little as 2 minutes, no manual coding required.


How are people spending money?

Drawing lessons from seminal payment diary studies, we developed an Expense Tracker that makes it easier than ever to capture spending activity. With a natural chatbot interface and intuitive choice logic, users can report their spending activity in less than 60 seconds.


How are people spending their time?

Recording daily activity doesn’t have to be tedious and repetitive. Our designers worked hard to create the most frictionless mobile experience, featuring a simple and interactive interface. No matter where your participants are, it’s only a few taps away from capturing all that good data.

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