Meet the next generation of mHealth

Run Your Study

True Clinical Platform

Take the headache out of launching a new digital study. Quickly choose your data types, preferred surveys and tasks, and get them out to participants right away.

Study Gateway

Connecting a complex eco system is tough. That’s why we’ve built our own dedicated gateway for the most complex research needs.

Engage Your Participants

True Sidekick

Our gamified ePRO tool guarantees best in class retention and engagement.


Our point solution for opioid treatment and support.

True ePRO

Simple and down to earth, get up and running quickly with our no frills app.

Collect Better Data

True Cognition

Understand users like never before with our battery of validated cognitive tasks and games.

True Behavior

Take the burden out of patient diaries with our collection of trackers for nutrition, expenses and activities.

True Sensor

Leverage our existing suite of wearable health sensors or integrate custom devices with our