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Convenient and Efficient

TeleVisits Enable Decentralized Trials and Better Participant Experiences

Person video conferences with health professional

Running a Decentralized Clinical Trial?

Technology is part of our everyday lives; as a result, clinical trial participants’ expectations have shifted. TeleVisits have come to be preferred by participants in clinical trials and, as such, have proven to provide a better patient experience. As part of our Decentralized Clinical Trials platform, we offer virtual visits built into our app. With in-app scheduling and reminders for patients, ad-hoc visits allow patients to contact sites to discuss medical issues between appointments and also provide audit trails with HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant recordings for sites.

Meeting Patients Where They Are

TeleVisits connect participants and researchers throughout your study, as needed. TeleHealth visits are a convenient, efficient, and compliant way to meet patient expectations and fit into their already busy lives.

When patient dropout rates are soaring, you need to make your studies as convenient as possible for patients. With Datacubed Health, that doesn’t mean sacrificing data. Our Insights dashboard collects all of your electronic patient data and provides deep business insights to ensure you’re in full control of your studies.

Turning Convenience Into Insights

Our Insights Dashboard records and monitors data collected from TeleVisits to ensure every data point is collected and accounted for at the closeout of your study. Additionally, you can monitor participant progress through our actionable reporting dashboards to make better, more informed decisions.