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Revolutionizing Patient Engagement

Patient engagement platform with out-of-the-box functionality to increase patient retention to 85+%

Patient engagement platform patient view

We know people better than anyone

It is important to realize the impact of patient engagement on patient retention in clinical trials. Rooted in behavioral science, we specifically designed our platform to engage patients and promote interaction continuously. Additionally, you can capture data in person or virtually, allowing you to meet patient expectations. The tools included in our patient engagement platform are ePRO/eCOA, diaries, eConsent, wearables, and virtual visits that are purpose-built to significantly reduce friction and frustration—the enemies of the patient experience.

Communicate, motivate, and reward your patients at different time scales or at the completion of each treatment interval to reinforce patient behavior and keep them participating throughout the duration of the trial. See how our patient engagement platform stands out by watching this quick video.

Improve patient retention and reduce site burden

With Datacubed, you can quickly and accurately execute your protocol. We have expertly designed the platform to be simple for patients and sites to use. As patients go through the study, motivators are set up to encourage them and ensure that they follow the protocol. These interactions usually lead to compliance and retention rates of over 85%. Additionally, sites gain real-time insights into the patient journey, enabling you to keep more patients engaged for longer.

Motivate patients through milestone rewards

Putting you in the driver’s seat

Easily build your patient journey by breaking your study down into smaller milestones with unique goals, instruments, and rewards. With changes triggered based on data inputs, real-world events, and other milestones, you can be assured your patients will remain engaged throughout.

Tracking Patient Engagement

With our configurable admin panel, you can gain valuable insights into your participant engagement data. Leverage this data to pivot and adapt to your patient’s needs to ensure they remain in the study.

Instrument compliance, participant progress, consent, and more insights you can glean and take action on through our Insights Dashboards.