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Better Patient Outcomes

With Medication Adherence optimized for clinical trial monitoring

Medication Adherence Made Easy

Participants can easily enter critical information about study drug administration, such as dosage, time administered, and injection site. Additionally, this data can be directly gathered from an external sensor. Study staff track and encourage patient adherence and follow up on any adverse events related to study drug comparison, which will improve patient outcomes long-term. After all, what good is your data if patients aren’t adhering to their treatment plans? Is Medication Adherence right for your Therapeutic Area? Find out in this insightful article.

What’s the Best Method for Tracking Medication Adherence?

Many researchers have sought to answer this question as medication adherence continues to be challenging in clinical studies. The NIH conducted a comparative study in 2011 that showed the benefits of patient-reported adherence. Given these points, at Datacubed Health, we go a step further by simplifying the self-reporting process for patients and Investigators.

Keeping You On Track

You’ve created your adherence trackers and questionnaires; how do you monitor and track your efficacy? Our Insights dashboard provides you and your sites with actionable patient information and clinical trial monitoring to allow you to monitor real-time adherence.

Our reports are delivered in real-time to provide you with the most up-to-date information. In addition, choose from a set of standard reports or request study-specific reports created just for you.