Datacubed Health

Streamlined and simple eConsent

Simplifying the consenting process for patients and caregivers

Improve Patient Understanding and Reduce Dropout

Our built-in Electronic Consent (eConsent) facilitates a consent process that includes providing study information to participants, evaluating participants’ comprehension of the information presented through text, videos, and quizzes, and documenting the consent of participants or their legally authorized representatives (LARs). Above all, our solution delivers a better experience for participants and LARs by ensuring understanding through dynamic content.

Consent Shouldn’t Be Complex

Dropout rates continue to be a top challenge for clinical studies. The consenting process can result in a 30% dropout rate, leaving you with a retention gap from day one. Complex legal jargon coupled with onsite time constraints can confuse participants and caregivers and cause high frustration.

Allowing patients and caregivers time to digest the information and also truly understand and engage in the consenting process will increase retention and engagement in your clinical studies. eConsent as a tool can aid in reducing frustration.

That’s easy. Our intelligently designed Insights Dashboard will show you who received the consent forms, who have completed them, and, comparatively, who is delayed in providing consent. This will allow study teams to follow up accordingly with the patients at risk or behind in the study.