Being OK is more than just avoiding COVID.

  • Everyone is struggling with stress, fear, depression, and anxiety
  • Spend just 5 minutes a day answering questions on your smartphone
  • Together, we’ll find the causes and search for cures

We are a community of 10,000 people and together we are playing a critical role in keeping our nation healthy, safe, and strong.

Join the study led by scientists at New York University’s School of Medicine

You hold the missing pieces to solving the puzzle of how everyone can get through the COVID pandemic safer, better, and healthier. By sharing your experiences, you can help us understand how COVID is impacting all areas of our lives and health.

Doctors and nurses are working day and night to treat people and find cures for COVID. The rest of us are trying to stay home, take care of our families, and pay our bills. But what are the effects of all of these changes?

We’re keeping track of our finances and whether government programs are helping or hurting. We’re keeping track of our nutrition, our jobs, and our health. By participating in Our COVID Story, you can help scientists understand what works and what doesn’t.

Our COVID Story is a research project led by scientists at New York University’s School of Medicine. Every day, we send you 5-10 minutes of games or surveys and ask about what’s happening in your daily life. We’ll use this to build resilient communities by identifying what helps us cope with and overcome these challenges. Sharing your experience is the first step

Our study team

Dr. Candace Raio
Dr. Paul Glimcher
Dr. Alexandra Mellis

When you tell your story, we can build more resilient communities today.

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