Four weeks into Our Covid Story:
Are you assisting in our nationwide effort?

Our COVID Story app has been live in the U.S. since April 8, 2020. This nationwide effort is allowing us to visualize the individual and community level stressors people are dealing with. Using the data shared by our community of researchers, we are drawing a picture of New York City and the nation as it builds resilience to the pandemic. Not only does the COVID-19 epidemic pose a direct threat to everyone's health, but it also exposing people to unusually high levels of stress. The information we are collecting is helping us understand which stressors are impacting people the most and how to help vulnerable populations. We thank the volunteers from all 50 states who are helping us collect this valuable data. As restrictions lift and some business reopen, the data you share will help identify which state policies are working or hurting and inform re-opening strategies. By sharing your experiences, you can help us understand how COVID is impacting all areas of our lives and health.

When you tell your story, we can build more resilient communities today.

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