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Is your eCOA partner committed to your success?

Earlier this year, Deena Bernstein joined Datacubed Health as Vice President, Customer Success. Deena brings extensive experience in building the infrastructure for research site management organizations and operating them. She understands the governance and operational complexities from the perspective of sponsors and CROs and from the lens of investigative sites and the patients they support. She takes pride in being “customer-obsessed.” I asked Deena to explain more about how Datacubed Health views customer success – and why it matters for CROs and sponsors.

Kyle: How would you describe Datacubed Health’s philosophy of customer success?

Deena: For any clinical trial, eCOA and ePRO are small pieces of a much larger puzzle. We believe the time and effort required of a CRO or sponsor should be proportional to that. To deliver the best possible experience, we tackle customer success holistically. It starts with the modern architecture and design of our Linkt platform and continues through the entire customer journey. Most importantly we provide concierge-style support to sites and clinical trial participants. We see customer service as more than reactive fixes. It’s about products and processes that are so well designed, there’s significantly less friction in implementation and less need for traditional end-user support once the platform is up and running.

Kyle: Speaking of end users, how does Datacubed Health create great experiences for sites and patients, too?

Deena: We offer sites and patients a five-star concierge experience. We’re here to delight and support them with resources available around the world, around the clock, and in 100 languages. Our goal is to deliver an exceptional, engaging experience for everyone using our Linkt platform – from the time they’re onboarded through the time their trial concludes.

We stay tuned in to sites’ needs through our involvement with the Society of Clinical Research Sites (SCRS). We’re continuing to listen when investigators and site personnel share frustrations about having so many different tools and technologies and the difficulties they can encounter when using them. We not only listen but work hard to reduce or eliminate complexity and friction for them.

We believe our platform itself excels in ease of use for both sites and patients. But if someone encounters a challenge using it, we’re available to help – including providing high-touch walkthroughs to help with logins, password retrievals, and other common needs.

Kyle: What distinguishes Datacubed Health’s approach to customer success?

Deena: If you’re exploring options, it’s important to ask, “Is this eCOA partner committed to our success?” At Datacubed, the answer is a resounding “yes.” We are a customer-centric organization, we are always listening to the clinical research stakeholders and we’ve designed our solutions and support accordingly.

At the end of the day, we know that CROs and sponsors are counting on us to help keep patients engaged and compliant so they can get the data they need throughout their trials. We strive to make everything about Datacubed’s eCOA and ePRO solutions smooth and seamless. Yes, we are a technology partner, and we have a unique technology platform. But our true value lies in our ability to facilitate human connections between sites and patients – to strengthen those relationships through easier, more frequent interactions.

Ours is a supporting role, but we still strive for a flawless performance. For us, the ultimate test is whether a customer would use us again and recommend us to their colleagues. We consider those the two metrics that matter most.