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Innovate with confidence: New performance-based pricing from Datacubed Health

If you’ve been talking with us at Datacubed Health, you may be intrigued by our unique approach to eCOA and ePRO. Datacubed Health’s Linkt platform incorporates behavioral science techniques into the latest mobile technology. These capabilities combine to create a patient experience that is more convenient and engaging – making it easier for participants to stay enrolled and compliant throughout a clinical trial. 

We believe our platform can help to advance access to healthcare for everyone, everywhere. We also understand that the Linkt platform is new. And because it’s new, you may be hesitant to deploy it on one of your studies. 

That’s why Datacubed Health now offers performance-based pricing. This pricing model reflects our confidence in the Linkt platform and its ability to achieve tangible improvements in patient retention and other key metrics we establish together. 

This structure puts the onus on us and our ability to deliver. You’ll need to cover the fixed costs of the solution. But if we don’t meet or exceed the results we agreed to, you won’t be required to make the final payment to us.

Is performance-based pricing right for your trial?

Datacubed Health’s performance-based pricing isn’t suitable for every kind of trial, but it is likely to be a fit for:

  • One- or two-year Phase II or Phase III studies
  • Real-world studies
  • Trials with designs that place a heavy burden on patients and/or their caregivers 
  • Any trial team seeking to ease patient burden and increase patient engagement 

We believe in our solution and its ability to drive real improvement in patient engagement, adherence and compliance. Don’t stand by to “wait and see” how it works for others. This is your opportunity to step up and forge ahead – with confidence.

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