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How does better patient engagement become better study insights?

Datacubed Health’s Linkt platform supports ePRO/eCOA with Patient Engagement by incorporating innovative technical features and evidence-based behavioral science techniques. We’ve designed it to deliver a superior patient experience that supports higher questionnaire compliance and study retention rates. We’ve also designed it so the process of deploying the solution for a study is smoother and faster.

And while all of this is critical to good study outcomes, it’s not as critical as the platform’s ultimate “product” – the study data itself. That’s why we designed Linkt to engage and streamline the collection of diary data, episodic data, incident reports, and other information about a participant’s quality of life, treatment efficacy, and more.

We understand the importance of serving up study data in a format that’s relevant and actionable not only to investigative sites and other members of the study team, but also for data managers, biostatisticians, and key stakeholders. And we believe that if our solution is continually connecting with participants and collecting information from and about them, then study managers and site staff should have equally prompt access to that participant data.

Imagine how an interactive dashboard for study insights could help you monitor and manage your trials:

  • View integrated patient information – from demographics to levels of engagement.
  • Access synthesized information that reveals key signals about your trial (not just the “noise” of spreadsheet data).
  • Gain actionable insights about key metrics – from enrollment, eligibility, and compliance to uptake of virtual visits and follow-ups to specific event alerts.
  • Create customized study insights that you can view and investigate in real time, allowing you the chance to engage when it matters most.
  • Monitor activity and results from the least to the most granular levels (by site, patient, or instrument).
  • At one glance, oversee all the key metrics for your trial easily and regularly ensuring a more informed and effective study team and site staff.

These kinds of insights should be available in a single place with a modern interface and a high level of interactivity. And they should empower you to quickly surface issues and opportunities – everything from emerging events of special interest to cumbersome instruments. No matter the challenge, you’ll be able to adjust promptly and specifically.

Datacubed Health is launching a solution that delivers this “single source of truth” with Linkt Insights this year. Additionally, we’ll provide this dashboard experience without extending our five-week deployment timeline. And beyond this year’s launch, we’re laying the foundation for an embedded AI within Linkt Insights for trend analysis to deliver predictive analytics in patient engagement and retention. Without any human intervention, this capability will help identify at-risk participants so site staff and study leaders can be truly proactive in keeping participants on track in compliance and improve patient retention overall.

These are exciting developments for your trials today. When you get started with Linkt, you’ll drive measurable improvements in patient engagement, questionnaire compliance, and participant retention today and position your organization’s study teams for better study insights once your patients enroll.