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Eyes on the prize: Datacubed releases new Treasure Chest Store

How can multiyear clinical trials keep enrolled patients engaged and compliant throughout the length of the study? We believe a significant part of the answer lies in creating effective motivation at multiple intervals. With the Treasure Chest Store launch, Datacubed Health’s platform now provides more options for sponsors and CROs that want to keep participants engaged in their long-term trials.

Motivators for Patient Engagement

Currently, Datacubed offers motivators at three intervals to maximize engagement, compliance, and retention. Immediate motivators for completing ePROs include on-screen confetti and digital currency to purchase digital rewards – for instance, new clothes or accessories to enhance participants’ in-app avatars. Medium-term motivators of study progress include an engaging virtual world that builds expectation and anticipation of larger digital rewards. And now, the Treasure Chest Store offers a wider variety of more sophisticated, long-term motivation, with the ability to convert digital currency into tangible, real-world rewards such as gift cards (if approved) or donations to a charitable foundation.

There were two main drivers behind this product enhancement.

First, the why. While our participants across demographic groups enjoyed earning short- and medium-term rewards, they wanted more opportunities to earn rewards. In essence, participants in longer studies enjoyed unlocking rewards so much, some of them ran out of items to unlock.

Second, the how. We leveraged the power of behavioral science. Consider the principle of identity lock, which is based on the understanding that identity is an intrinsic motivator. Therefore, if you can tie a participant’s sense of self to their participation in a clinical trial, a sponsor can create a stronger sense of motivation.

Risk and Reward

Another principle we consider is loss aversion, the idea that people experience losses much more acutely than they experience gains. Staggered rewards provide a structure in which participants enjoy immediate and mid-term gains from their participation. But they also know that if they don’t stay in the trial, they will miss the chance for long-term rewards. They’re more likely to stay compliant to prevent the loss of their progress, thereby retaining the opportunity for more rewards.

In addition to incorporating behavioral science principles, our team focused on user experience to ensure that these opportunities and rewards occur naturally and seamlessly. At every interval, the motivators are woven into the participant’s day-to-day experiences using the mobile app – whether answering a questionnaire, providing a vital statistic, or conducting a virtual visit with their clinical site staff.

Clinical trials can be challenging for participants and study staff alike. Yet we offer an experience that includes moments of game-like delight. Thanks to the Treasure Chest Store and other fun elements, participants are likelier to stay engaged and compliant even during a lengthy, multiyear study. That’s a win for everyone.

Want to see our rewards and motivators in action? Check out this short demo video.