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Employee Spotlight – Tracey Larrow

At Datacubed Health, we have an amazing team of individuals, and our Employee Spotlight series showcases the brilliant minds behind our company. This month, we had the pleasure of chatting with our Senior Director Translation Architect, Tracey Larrow.

Subject matter expertise

Tracey, a subject matter expert in translations, helps customers and internal teams navigate the complex world of ePRO translations. Her days are filled with advising on best practices, recommending translation methodologies, and assisting customers with EC/IRB submission options. She aims to transform how Datacubed manages translations to ease the burden on project management and make translations more scalable as the company grows.

How Tracey’s career began

Tracey’s career journey began over ten years ago in translations as a Project Manager at TransPerfect. She later became a Translation Coordinator at PHT, where she eventually celebrated her ten-year “workiversary” in ePRO. After ERT acquired PHT, Tracey led the Boston-based translation team. She then moved on to Clinical Ink as a director, focusing on translation innovation and starting a translation team. In April, she joined Datacubed Health.

Job satisfaction & work motivations

What Tracey enjoys most about her job is the freedom to think outside the box in managing translations. She relishes the opportunity to address long-standing issues in the ePRO translation landscape with the support of Datacubed’s fantastic team.

Tracey’s motivation to work every day comes from knowing that nothing stands between her and the future of translations in ePRO except her creativity and the current limits of technology.

Fun facts about Tracey

One surprising fact about Tracey is her fear of spiders, which began after a close encounter with a bird spider while traveling down the Amazon River.

Tracey lives by the motto, “It’s just a job.” This mantra helps her keep things in perspective, reminding her that she is only one person doing her best. It encourages her to keep moving forward rather than allowing pressure to hold her back.

We are grateful for Tracey’s contributions over the past year and are fortunate to have her on the Datacubed Health team. Stay tuned for another Employee Spotlight next month!