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Employee Spotlight – Ruby Chen

Our company is filled with incredible individuals, and our Employee Spotlight series aims to highlight the remarkable minds behind our company. This time we’re sitting down with Ruby Chen, our Research and Product Strategy Technologist.

Through the Employee Spotlight series, we celebrate the amazing minds that make up our organization. This month, we chat with Ruby Chen, a Research and Product Strategy Technologist at Datacubed Health.

Ruby kindly describes her role. She designs and delivers training for sites and helps them train participants. She also trains global support teams, ensuring quality support and up-to-date study knowledge. Ruby collaborates with these teams to enhance support workflows, training quality, and modules. As part of the Customer Success and Support team, she manages the helpdesk, triages requests, and serves as the point of contact for new customers. She answers questions about our platform and support solutions for sponsors and CROs. These are her main daily tasks.

Career progression

She recounts her journey to Datacubed Health. She worked on a project with them, became curious about their perspective, and found a job opening that matched her experience. The rest is history.

Ruby loves the constant learning her job offers. She enjoys gaining new knowledge every day, whether about the product or her coworkers.

Her motivation varies day by day, but her constant need for improvement drives her. She loves learning, which pushes her to excel at work and in life.

She shares a surprising fact: she loves thriller/horror movies. Many people are taken aback by this revelation.

Ruby offers an inspiring quote: “Don’t think, just do.” She believes that overthinking can lead to confusion, so it’s best to take action without dwelling on it.

We thank Ruby for her five years of contributions and feel fortunate to have her on our team. Stay tuned for next month’s Employee Spotlight.