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Employee Spotlight – Natasha Massias

At Datacubed Health, we are surrounded by brilliant minds who drive our company forward. Our Employee Spotlight series is designed to showcase these remarkable individuals and the important work they do. This month, we’re featuring our Solution Architect, Natasha Massias.

To kick things off

Jenna, our interviewer, asked Natasha to describe her role at Datacubed Health. Natasha, eager to share her experience, explained that as a Solution Architect, she primarily focuses on customizing the patient app experience for potential clients and facilitating platform demos. However, she is also involved in various other projects, such as marketing initiatives, training, conference attendance, and live demos.

Career progression

When asked about her career journey, Natasha revealed that she had been working in the clinical trial and pharma industry for seven years. After a brief detour into the medical marijuana field, she reconnected with Kyle Hogan, the company president. Kyle invited her to join Datacubed Health as a Solution Architect, a role he believed would be an excellent fit for her background.

Natasha enjoys the flexibility and collaborative environment at Datacubed Health. As an extrovert, she relishes meeting new clients and networking at conferences. These social interactions bring her joy and motivate her to excel in her role.

What Motivates Natasha?

When asked about her motivation to work every day, Natasha humorously mentioned the paycheck but quickly added that her passionate colleagues and their shared enthusiasm for the product truly inspire her. She appreciates being able to rely on her teammates and values their trust in her abilities.

Natasha shared a lesser-known fact about herself: she has an insatiable appetite for trying new things, from yoga to embroidery. When asked to share a quote or motto that inspires her, she chose, “This too shall pass.” This phrase helps her maintain perspective and remain grounded during stressful times.

We are grateful for Natasha’s contributions over the past year and feel fortunate to have her as part of the Datacubed Health team. Stay tuned for next month’s Employee Spotlight.