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Employee Spotlight – Natasha Massias

Our company is filled with brilliant individuals, and our Employee Spotlight series aims to highlight the remarkable minds behind our company. 

We’re continuing our monthly series by speaking with our Solution Architect, Natasha Massias.

Would you please explain your role at Datacubed Health?
No problem, Jenna. So my name is Natasha Massias, and I am the Solution Architect here at Datacubed. I would say the focus of my job is to facilitate any demos of our platform with potential clients. I customize the patient app experience to match potential clients, therapeutic areas, or upcoming protocols we’re bidding on. I, of course, have my hands in various other projects, including different marketing initiatives, training, attending conferences, conducting live demos, and other tasks as needed. 

How did you land at Datacubed Health? Can you tell us more about your career journey?
Great question. It’s funny because I’ve been in the clinical trial/pharma industry for about seven years. Kyle Hogan, our company president, actually brought me in. I initially worked with Kyle at a previous company, and then I left pharma a little bit to go into medical marijuana. I took kind of like a mini detour on my path there. Unfortunately, my detour hadn’t worked out, and Kyle contacted me at the perfect time, saying, “Hey, we’re trying to build this new Solution Architect role.” Given my training background in the industry, he thought I’d be an excellent fit to pivot over to Sales & demos, and that’s how I landed at Datacubed. 

What do you like most about your job at Datacubed Health?
Another great question! It’s funny because every time I talk about it, I feel like there’s another thing to highlight. I’d have to say the flexibility here is great just because I’m a night owl. Of course, I work the typical 9 to 5, but if something pops up and I need to log off during regular working hours, no one minds, just as long as the work gets done. I also love how our company offers full-time remote work and how everyone is so collaborative. But aside from the flexibility, definitely, the socializing and collaborative aspects are a huge appeal to me as I am very much an extrovert. I like to talk and meet new people and get different perspectives. So, I love that I get to be client-facing with my role; whether it’s meeting with new clients or meeting people at conferences, it’s what brings me joy here. 

What motivates you to wake up and work every day?
Besides a paycheck, of course – ha, we all need money to survive; it’s my teammates and colleagues. I love that I work with people who are just as passionate about our product as I am. I’d also like to add that the fact that I can rely on my colleagues and that they are also relying on me to perform and do what I do best motivates me to show up and give my all every day. 

What is something that most people don’t know about you?
Besides loving pasta an unhealthy amount, I would say that I’m addicted to always trying new things. Whether it’s practicing yoga, knitting, crocheting, or embroidering, I always have my hands on a new project. 

Could you please share a quote or motto that you live by that could inspire others?
I’d have a say that the motto, “This too shall pass,” is very important to me. It’s crucial when life, work, or anything gets hugely overwhelming. At the end of the day, I know that in my specific role, I’m not saving lives, and no one is bleeding out, so anytime I feel like I’m getting overwhelmed or feeling anxious, I always try to take a breath and repeat that phrase to align my thoughts so I can continue with my day. It really helps me keep perspective and grounds me in times of high stress! 

We thank Natasha for her contributions to our company over the past year, and we’re so lucky to have her on the Datacubed Health team. Watch this space next month for another Employee Spotlight.