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Employee Spotlight – Matt Geary

Our company brims with exceptional people, and our Employee Spotlight series showcases the brilliant minds powering our organization. This month, we continue by interviewing our Business Development Manager, Matt Geary.

Matt explains his role at Datacubed Health involves wearing multiple hats, including Business Development Manager and Account Manager for Global Partner Alliances. His primary responsibility is to create processes that help his team succeed and support their development.

Matt’s career progression

Matt’s journey to Datacubed Health was unique, starting with various jobs in the food service industry and eventually transitioning to sales. After a challenging but valuable stint in door-to-door cable sales, Matt found his passion in the eClinical space. Joining Datacubed felt like fate when he moved to Brooklyn and was introduced to the company.

Favorite part about DCH

When asked about his favorite part of working at Datacubed Health, Matt emphasizes the people. He values the company’s commitment to growth and development, both for its employees and the organization as a whole. Matt appreciates the balance between playing to someone’s strengths and providing resources to work on their weaknesses.

Fun facts about Matt

Matt’s motivation to work every day comes from not wanting to let down those who trust him. He cares about the company and the people he works with, and he’s driven by the success of those around him.

An interesting fact about Matt is his fascination with the science of sleep. He’s passionate about spreading awareness of the biological differences in sleep patterns, such as being a night owl or a morning person, and the impact it can have on someone’s life.

Matt’s favorite quote, which he believes can inspire others, is “Be curious. Not judgmental,” from Walt Whitman, made famous by the TV show Ted Lasso. Matt emphasizes the importance of understanding others and finding common ground through curiosity instead of judgment.

We are grateful for Matt’s contributions to Datacubed Health over the past year and feel fortunate to have him on our team. Stay tuned for next month’s Employee Spotlight.