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Employee Spotlight – Abhrajeet Roy

Our company boasts remarkable individuals, and we shine a light on these incredible minds through our Employee Spotlight series. This month, we’re featuring Abhrajeet (Jeet) Roy, a Research Scientist at Datacubed Health.

Jeet works as a Research Scientist on the Science team. He collaborates with the Sales/Commercial and Operations teams, offering his scientific perspective on protocol reviews, proposal recommendations, and bid defenses. He also assists with RFPs and RFIs.

Jeet’s role at DCH

When working with the Operations team, Jeet strategizes study implementation and configuration with clients. He identifies their study needs and determines how Datacubed can best address them. Jeet and his colleagues on the Science team wear many hats, providing ongoing support to the Operations and Product teams.

Career path

Jeet’s career journey began with a bioengineering degree from the University of Pennsylvania. His interest in brain-computer interfaces led him to pursue a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering, focusing on neuroscience and neuroimaging. After a decade of research, a postdoc in neuropsychiatry, and a stint as a project manager, Jeet connected with an old colleague, Elias Boroda. Elias introduced him to Datacubed Health, and Jeet found himself intrigued by the company’s approach to behavioral economics and neuroscience.

Jeet thrives on collaboration and problem-solving at Datacubed Health. He appreciates the diverse perspectives and intellects he encounters daily, working with teams ranging from Sales to Ops, Design, Engineering, and Product.

What motivates Jeet?

What motivates Jeet to work every day? He values being part of a larger mission, making healthcare more accessible for all. Each day offers new challenges and learning opportunities. On a personal level, Jeet draws motivation from his family.

Many people may not know that Jeet has a background in comedy, speech, theater, and sketch. He even tried stand-up once, and he’s always up for cracking a few jokes.

One of Jeet’s favorite quotes is from Bob Marley: “Money can’t buy life.” He hopes it can inspire others as well.

We are grateful for Jeet’s contributions to Datacubed Health and are fortunate to have him on our team. Stay tuned for next month’s Employee Spotlight.