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Pioneering eCOA Company Leverages Behavioral Science to Drive Patient Engagement & Retention in Clinical Trials

Datacubed Health provides an eCOA/ePRO solution that offers an app for participants in clinical trials to collect data. And keep participants engaged in a trial long term. Designed for decentralized trials – those which occur both remotely and on-site — Datacubed uses the principles of behavioral science to keep participants engaged, adherent and proud of their contributions in curing disease.

Datacubed is the only company in the industry using this approach, which results in better patient experiences and participant outcomes. Key components of behavioral science embedded into the platform include:

  • Motivators: Early, quick and powerful motivators are intentionally designed to the very last detail. This positive feedback reinforces compliance and use of the patient app.
  • Identity. Increase the benefit of study participation by establishing participants as active partners in the research process.
  • Reduced friction. Data collection is simple – no logging into websites or portals. Data is entered directly into the app and participants know what they need to complete and when.

“In comparison to other eCOA developers, the Datacubed ePRO solution provides our study team with the flexibility, cost savings and improved patient engagement of using the patient’s personal handheld device and provides the study team with real-time access to patient responses and analytics,” said one clinical team lead for neurology and ophthalmology in a large pharmaceutical organization.

About Datacubed Health and Behavioral Science

Datacubed Health is a pioneering patient engagement and data collection company dedicated to advancing access to healthcare for everyone, everywhere. Datacubed applies individualized smartphone solutions for the capture of ePRO and eCOA data, passive data collection, instrument delivery, wearables, and environmental sensors. Focusing on life sciences, Datacubed Health offers software and services based on behavioral science to improve patient retention and compliance, resulting in better patient outcomes and more rewarding clinical experiences. Visit