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DTRA Replay 2021: Reimagining Clinical Trials Through the Eyes of the Patient, Presented by Kyle Hogan

Check out this video of our presentation at DTRA in 2021. This DTRA Replay will focus on patient centricity through technology.

Kyle Hogan presents an insightful replay session on reimagining the participant journey in decentralized clinical trials. This presentation will walk you through the key steps of a patient-centric approach. From consent to virtual visits, offering an in-depth understanding of how one study build can support decentralized trials.

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape, decentralized clinical trials have emerged as a powerful solution. The presentation will highlight the critical role played by technology and innovative strategies in ensuring seamless participant experiences. Kyle Hogan will demonstrate how these tools can be harnessed to achieve a truly patient-centric approach in decentralized trials.

Key takeaways from this DTRA Replay presentation will include:

Firstly, gain an understanding of the importance of a patient-centric approach in decentralized clinical trials. Secondly, gain insights into the key steps of the participant journey, from consent to virtual visits. Thirdly, learn about the role of technology and innovative strategies in enhancing the participant experience. Following that, explore how one study build can support decentralized trials using Datacubed Health’s solutions.

And finally, discover best practices and tips for implementing patient-centric strategies in your clinical trials.

If you’re looking to begin your Decentralized Clinical Trial journey, get in touch with us today. We’ll be with you every step of the way and can seamlessly transition from traditional to hybrid, to fully virtual with ease. Or check out this short video to see how we’ve reimagined clinical trials from the patient’s POV.