Data Cubed is now Datacubed Health

What is Datacubed Health and what is your mission? How will Datacubed Health help humanity?

Datacubed Health is a pioneering technology company making better science and healthier communities a reality. We apply individualized solutions for the capture of data, including smartphone apps, wearable, in-home, and environmental sensors, for remote engagement with patients and for virtual clinical studies. Focusing on healthcare and life sciences, Datacubed Health offers software and services driven by behavioral science to improve patient retention and compliance, resulting in better data and more positive health outcomes. We believe that the best way to unlock the insights that have eluded scientists is understanding the holistic life of an individual.


How was the company started?

Datacubed Health and the Linkt product emerged from The Human Project, a groundbreaking longitudinal, big data study of 10,000 New Yorkers over 20 years, designed to enable major advancements in medicine and evidence-based public policies to improve societal outcomes. Paul Glimcher, a leader in the study of human behavior and decision-making, is the founding force behind both the Project and the Company.

As a commercial offshoot of The Human Project, Datacubed Health starts from a human-centric point of view. Everything we do, from the questions we ask to our interface with our subjects, leverages our expertise in human behavior and decision making.

This holistic approach to understanding human health is at the heart of Datacubed Health: the notion that future medical interventions will encompass both genetics and environment – genomic and phenomic information – requiring huge, thoughtfully structured data sets to advance an interdisciplinary approach to health.

From the start, Datacubed Health leveraged knowledge from preeminent key researchers and technologists, including staff from NYU, Harvard, MIT and Stanford and industry veterans from companies such as Accenture, AstraZeneca, Motorola, and PAREXEL. Our robust team of seasoned scientists, behavioral health experts, engineers, and academics offers diverse expertise to create the company’s innovative mHealth solutions.

Datacubed Health received the 2017 PM360 Award for Most Innovative Startup. In 2018, Datacubed Health was awarded the 2018 Gartner Cool Vendor Award for our Data-Driven platform after success in both clinical studies as well as academic studies. Also in 2018, Datacubed Health took top honors winning a finalist spot in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Opioid Challenge by harnessing gaming technology to gather data designed to fight opioid addiction. With its Linkt product, Datacubed Health won another finalist spot in early 2019 – for elegance and optimization – at the Interaction Design Awards (IxDA) that celebrate design thought leadership and innovation.  Datacubed Health is currently working with several pharmaceutical, CRO and academic clients and continues to expand with rapid customer success.


Why did you change the name from Data Cubed to Datacubed Health?

In January 2019, our company’s name was changed to Datacubed Health. We service projects in clinical, academic, and humanitarian studies. From this experience, Datacubed Health believes that all projects, even those not in the traditional health care fields, ultimately seek the understanding of the holistic life of an individual and the betterment of human health.

With this rebranding, Datacubed Health has emphasized a focus on healthcare and life sciences, specifically clinical trials and research capabilities, and now provides services and biomarkers for uncovering insights into human behavior for clinical and academic research. Datacubed Health has developed the most sophisticated tools ever devised to capture the human experience. Our comprehensive, first-of-its-kind mHealth platform, Linkt, provides customizable, deep, real-world evidence (RWE) to support large-scale data capture through passive and active collection. As we look towards the next decade, we believe that the greatest advances in healthcare will come from AI analyses of rich and reliable human behavioral and more traditional medical data -resulting in extraordinary new insights and personalization of medicine.  We believe Datacubed Health is the leader in patient engagement and capture of high quality broad data and is ready to capitalize on this next evolution.


What is Linkt? How is it different from other products on the market?

Linkt differs from other SaaS providers:


    • Linkt offers tailored and precise data, which scientists can use to help eradicate diseases and modify undesirable behaviors by better understanding the human condition.
    • Linkt is the most sophisticated tool ever devised to capture the human experience. Our comprehensive, first-of-its-kind mHealth platform supports the greatest breadth of data sources in the industry. Our platform gathers easily customizable, deep, real-world evidence to support large-scale data capture through passive and active collection.
    • Linkt achieves this greater breadth while delivering the highest retention and compliance rates in the industry. Instrument compliance rates of over 94%, rates which persist over more than 6 months, are routine for Linkt. These higher compliance and retention rates mean lower costs and earlier data-locks than with other platforms.
    • We invest in captivating and functional design to bring patients and sponsors the best possible user experience at a fraction of the cost of other technology providers.
    • 25% of Datacubed Health employees focus purely on product design. They create beautiful, modern patient engagement tools unlike anything in our industry.  They continue to push boundaries to create far deeper engagement with subjects than what is achieved with other data-gathering systems.
    • We integrate and partner with modern, smart hardware, including the Nokia Smart Scale, Garmin Activity Tracker, Emfit & Nokia Advanced Sleep Trackers, inhalers, smart pill bottles and smart location beacons as well as our own Advanced Air Quality Monitor.
    • Linkt covers all aspects of an end-to-end patient, caregiver, and clinician platform for: Behavior, Cognition, eCOA, eConsent, Patient Engagement, and Linkt Sensor.
    • Linkt was developed as a native 100% BYOD App in both iOS and Android development environments