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Datacubed Health Announces Collaboration with Special Forces Combat Veterans to Conduct Revolutionary Post-Traumatic Stress Study

Groundbreaking Research Aims to Improve the Lives of Those Suffering from
Post-Traumatic Stress and Enhance Long-Term Health Outcomes

NEW YORK, NY (June 14, 2023) — Datacubed Health, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for clinical research, is proud to announce its partnership with renowned medical practitioner Eugene Lipov, M.D. in a pioneering study focused on the extent of physiologic impact of post-traumatic stress on the body including impact on the DNA of the patient. This groundbreaking research, generously sponsored by ErasePTSD Now, The Donovan & Bank Foundation, and Glenn Greenberg and Linda Vester Foundation, is specifically designed to evaluate and possibly reverse increased inflammation, reduced testosterone levels, and accelerated aging known to occur due to extreme combat stress experienced by the U.S. special forces. 

The study will assess baseline C-reactive protein (measures inflammation), and testosterone levels in addition to the GrimAge epigenetic biological age test which looks at changes in DNA and has a high predictive ability of age-related fatality. Accelerated GrimAge measures have previously shown to be reversed by successful treatment of post-traumatic stress.

“We know Dual Sympathetic Reset (DSR) works to help treat symptoms of trauma, so now it is time to look at the level of impact on the body,” explains Dr. Lipov. “We hope to show that by improving post-traumatic stress symptoms, overall health will improve and prolong a person’s health span.”

A board-certified physician in anesthesiology and pain, Chief Medical Officer at Stella, and founder of ErasePTSD Now, Dr. Lipov is one of the world’s leading experts on the physical consequences of trauma. He has been deeply committed to improving the lives of those suffering from the symptoms of post-traumatic stress, especially military veterans and first responders. 

The study will follow veterans who have served in special forces units. By applying DSR, the study aims to provide significant relief to participants and potentially transform their lives mentally as well as physically.

Datacubed Health is playing a vital role in this groundbreaking research by providing its leading electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO) solution and comprehensive patient engagement services at no cost to the sponsor. By leveraging Datacubed Health’s cutting-edge technology, the study aims to enhance data collection and monitoring, ensuring accurate and reliable results while minimizing the burden on participants.

“We are honored to collaborate with Dr. Lipov, ErasePTSD Now, and The Donovan & Bank Foundation on this revolutionary PTSD study,” said Brett Kleger, CEO of Datacubed Health. “By focusing on special forces combat veterans and combining Dr. Lipov’s innovative curative technique with the GrimAge epigenetic biological age test, we strive to make a profound impact on their lives and contribute to the advancement of PTSD treatment. We hope to revolutionize PTSD treatment and contribute to improved long-term health outcomes for those affected by this condition. And we’re proud to play a small part in this process.”

Dr. Lipov expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing the significance of addressing post-traumatic stress within the special forces community. “This study represents a crucial step forward in understanding the physical effects that trauma can have on the body such as increased aging, inflammation, and a reduction of testosterone levels,” he stated. “Through our partnership with Datacubed Health, ErasePTSD Now, and The Donovan & Bank Foundation, we have a unique opportunity to bring about transformative change to our esteemed special forces combat veterans and improve their lives.”

The outcomes of this study have the potential to revolutionize the landscape of post-traumatic stress treatment for special forces combat veterans and enhance the well-being of countless individuals worldwide. Datacubed Health, Dr. Lipov, ErasePTSD Now, and The Donovan & Bank Foundation remain steadfast in their commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and improving the lives of those affected by trauma.

For more information about Datacubed Health and its innovative solutions for clinical research, please visit To learn more about Dr. Eugene Lipov and his work, please visit or For additional details about ErasePTSD Now and its mission to support individuals affected by PTSD, especially special forces combat veterans, please visit To learn more about The Donovan & Bank Foundation and its commitment to helping United States Special Operators bring closure to their warrior story and transition to a life of peace, contentment, and balance, please visit

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ErasePTSD Now is a philanthropic organization dedicated to supporting research and innovative initiatives aimed at eradicating PTSD. By partnering with leading experts and sponsoring impactful studies, ErasePTSD Now strives to improve the lives of individuals affected by this disorder and raise awareness about the importance of effective treatment.

About The Donovan & Bank Foundation:

The Donovan & Bank Foundation is a charitable organization committed to driving positive change in healthcare and well-being. By funding research projects and supporting initiatives that have the potential to transform lives, the foundation aims to create a lasting impact and improve the overall quality of life for individuals across various communities.

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