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Collaborating for Success: The eCOA/ePRO Provider and CRO Partnership

As a leading provider of electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) and electronic Patient Reported Outcome (ePRO) systems and patient engagement, we simplify and enhance the process of data collection and analysis in clinical trials. To achieve this, we offer an engaging and efficient approach rooted in behavioral science and deeply value our strategic partnerships with Clinical Research Organizations (CROs).

Our partnership with CROs is crucial in bridging the gap between digital health solutions and the complex world of clinical trials. With our deep understanding of user engagement and their extensive knowledge of clinical trial processes and patient behaviors, we bring a unique, symbiotic blend of expertise to the table.


The first step to success in this partnership is open communication and collaboration. We continually work with our CRO partners to understand the specifics of each clinical trial. This helps us to customize our eCOA/ePRO solutions to fit the unique requirements of each study.

Behavioral Science

By leveraging behavioral science principles, we’ve designed our platforms to be user-friendly and engaging. For example, through gamification techniques, we encourage patients to regularly and accurately report their health status. This not only enhances data quality but also improves patient compliance and retention. These are vital parameters that sponsors value highly.

Data Capture

Moreover, our real-time data-capturing capabilities allow healthcare providers to monitor patient health effectively and intervene promptly if necessary. This proactive approach to patient care is a significant value-add for CROs and sponsors, promoting patient safety and improving outcomes.


From a business perspective, our partnership approach with CROs helps to deliver a compelling proposition for sponsors. We understand that each sponsor has unique needs and expectations. Therefore, by working closely with CROs, we can provide bespoke, efficient, and patient-centric solutions. This, in turn, boosts the competitiveness of our CRO partners, helping them win more business.


Furthermore, our ongoing commitment to innovation means we continuously refine our eCOA/ePRO platforms. We ensure they remain at the forefront of digital health technology. This constant evolution keeps our CRO partners ahead of the curve, enabling them to offer sponsors the latest and most effective tools in patient engagement.


In conclusion, our focus as an eCOA/ePRO provider is not just on delivering superior technology. It’s about creating a patient-centric environment that simplifies data collection, enhances patient engagement, and adds value for CROs and sponsors alike. By partnering with CROs, we strive to offer innovative solutions that improve clinical trial efficiency, enhance patient experiences, and ultimately lead to better health outcomes. Together, we can help shape the future of clinical research.