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Charting New Territory: Your Patient Retention Platform Blueprint

Ensuring patients stay committed is pivotal for a successful clinical study. The challenge lies in keeping participants motivated and engaged throughout the process. But, did you know that combining electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA) and/or electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO) with compelling patient engagement content can serve as an effective patient retention platform? Let’s dive into this innovative approach.

Unlocking Patient Retention through eCOA and ePRO

Traditionally, patient retention platforms might not be a familiar term, but the concept is rather simple. Instead of relying on cumbersome paper-based methods, eCOA and ePRO introduce a digital transformation to clinical trials. Patients can conveniently report their health data via smartphones or tablets, streamlining the process for researchers and participants.

This shift reduces patient burden and ensures more accurate and timely data collection. When assessments are user-friendly and accessible, patients are more inclined to participate actively.

Infusing Motivation and Rewards into the Mix

Motivation is the linchpin of patient retention, and here’s where the magic happens. Patient retention platforms, in this context, leverage built-in motivational features. Patients remain engaged throughout the duration of the study and compliant thanks to motivations, rewards, and reminders.

Imagine receiving a notification on your phone, reminding you to complete an ePRO or eDiary entry. After you’ve completed it, you receive points that can be exchanged for gift cards or other enticing rewards. This approach can significantly enhance patient engagement and motivation.

Engaging Patients with Purposeful Content

Patient engagement is more than just assessments and rewards; it’s about connecting with participants on a deeper level. Patient retention platforms provide patients with enriching content tailored to their specific needs. This content informs patients about the trial, their condition, and how their involvement impacts medical research.

By involving patients in this educational journey, these platforms create a sense of belonging and purpose. This sense of connection encourages patients to stay committed to the study.

Why Consider This Approach?

While the terminology “patient retention platform” might not be common, the concept itself is groundbreaking. By combining eCOA, ePRO, and engaging content, you’re essentially creating your own patient retention platform. This innovative approach simplifies the process, empowers patients, and ensures the study’s success.

Explore the Potential with Datacubed Health

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