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Case Study 4 minute read

Virtual Trials Yields High Patient Compliance with Datacubed

Virtual trials

VIRTUAL STUDY YIELDS HIGH COMPLIANCE & RETENTION RATES BACKGROUND Clinical research studies involving repeated patient-reported outcome measures (PROs) face several challenges. Patients may fail to complete individual PROs, whether at all or within a specified time (i.e., reduced compliance). Patients may cease participating in a study altogether, dropping out before all study procedures are completed …

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Long-Term Participant Engagement in Oncology Trials

trial data collection

ENSURING LONG-TERM PATIENT ENGAGEMENT IN AN ONCOLOGY TRIAL WITH CLINICAL MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer and most frequent cause of cancer-related death and can be classified depending on hormone receptor expression.1 Hormone receptor expression ultimately influences the course of treatment and prognosis. ER-positive breast cancers are associated with the overexpression of …

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Case Study 5 minute read

Retention and Compliance in a Multicenter, Open-Label Clinical Trial

Successful retention and compliance of patients in clinical trials are significant challenges in the arduous path to drug approval1,2. Missing outcome data caused by patient dropout and poor compliance not only jeopardize the scientific validity of a study but also comes at a high financial cost to study sponsors. Technology and behavioral science offer potential …

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