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What is Identity Lock?

Identity lock in clinical trials is an approach that aims to improve patient engagement by building a strong sense of identity and connection between patients and their participation in the trial. Behavioral science is the root of this approach, which focuses on making the patient the hero of their story. Concept of identity lock The …

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What’s the point of innovation? For us, it’s a better patient experience.

We’re transforming the clinical trial experience for all stakeholders: sponsors, CROs, sites, and patients. By leveraging technological innovation infused with behavioral science principles we have developed a state-of-the-art platform designed to deliver better retention, compliance, and overall clinical trial experience.

Read moreWhat’s the point of innovation? For us, it’s a better patient experience.

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How Innovations in ePRO Are Powering Better Patient Engagement

Watch this video to learn how innovations in ePRO and powering better patient engagement.

Patient engagement is crucial for the success of clinical trials. Yet many studies struggle to meet recruitment targets and face high dropout rates. Organizations acknowledge the importance of better patient engagement, but few provide a clear understanding of the “why” behind this approach. This video presentation addresses this gap. By discussing the benefits of adopting a meaningful patient engagement approach as part of an eCOA (electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment) strategy, with a focus on innovations in ePRO (electronic Patient Reported Outcomes).

The presentation examines the challenges faced by organizations when it comes to patient engagement. Including limited communication channels, a lack of trust between patients and researchers, and inadequate understanding of patient needs and preferences. It also discusses how a meaningful patient engagement approach, aided by innovations in ePRO, can overcome these challenges. Leading to higher recruitment rates, lower dropout rates, and more meaningful data.

You can expect to learn…

We will outline a long-term, sustainable approach to patient engagement. That goes beyond individual trials and is transferable between teams and sites. It emphasizes the importance of building trust with patients and incorporating their feedback into the study design and implementation. The presentation also explores the role of technology, specifically ePRO. In facilitating meaningful interactions between patients and researchers, such as real-time feedback, mobile-based surveys, and interactive visual aids.

By the end of the presentation, attendees will have a clear understanding of the benefits of a meaningful patient engagement approach as part of an eCOA strategy, supported by innovations in ePRO. They will also gain insights into how to adopt a sustainable approach to patient engagement that drives recruitment and retention rates, builds trust between patients and researchers, and results in more meaningful data. The presentation will conclude with a call to action for organizations to embrace these innovations in ePRO to foster better patient engagement in clinical trials.

Did you know that Datacubed Health’s innovations in ePRO leverage powerful behavioral science principles to move beyond alerts and reminders for patient engagement? Through identity lock, motivations, and rewards, our ePRO/eCOA solution is unparalleled at delivering better retention and compliance. Revamp your ePRO strategy today with patient engagement at the forefront.

Ready to learn more? Check out our short demo video for a deeper dive into our technology and when you’re ready, schedule a time to meet with one of our experts.