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Data collection and patient engagement technology built for the new trial paradigm: meeting patients where they are.

Data Collection + Patient Engagement

All of our solutions have patient engagement natively built-in, and we are the only eCOA provider with patient engagement as a standard. We go beyond alerts, notifications, and payments.  Infused with the principles of behavioral science, the Datacubed app instills a sense of partnership with patients. We continue to engage through motivations and rewards throughout the duration of your study. By doing so, we deliver better results and guarantee improved retention. See how we do it! 

From Start to Finish, We Have You Covered

We realize your study is unique. Considering this, we support every trial design—traditional, hybrid, decentralized, or fully virtual. Our solutions are fully configurable to your study needs to ensure ease of use, increased retention, and superior data quality. Moreover, we’ll be with you every step of the way. From protocol review to study close out, you can be sure you are supported by Datacubed Health. 

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A Personalized Experience

At Datacubed, we know how important it is to feel like an individual—and that’s why our platform makes participation in the trial part of your personal identity.  Building identity within a study has proven to make patients feel more like partners, and less like research subjects. Moreover, Identity Lock has also proven to reduce or eliminate bias from clinical research.

Check out this case study to learn how we’re removing bias from clinical studies. 

High-Quality Data Accessible in Real Time

With an easy-to-use patient interface, data collection is simplified through the Datacubed Health platform, empowering patients to consent and enter data wherever they are—on-site or virtually—while also enabling passive, or offline, data collection. Once data has been collected, leverage our interactive and actionable dashboards to analyze, report, and take action. 

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