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Clinical trial technology solutions with built-in patient engagement as standard

Clinical Trial Technology Solutions for Modern Trial Designs

Our suite of products is designed to improve the clinical trial experience for all stakeholders. From data collection to reporting, we’ve covered all the bases with your needs in mind. Moreover, with built-in patient engagement that goes beyond alerts and notifications, you can be sure your patients will remain in the study for the long-term and compliant throughout. Access real-time data at your fingertips through our actionable Insights Dashboards.


The only eCOA solution with built-in patient engagement, beyond alerts and notifications. By combining personal identity, motivational intervals, and meaningful goals,

the datacubed app consistently delivers retention rates of 80% and compliance rates of 90%.

Specifically designed to seamlessly collect COA, PRO, ClinRO, or ObsRO data in a single application. Not to mention with built-in patient engagement you can be sure your patients remain engaged for the full duration of the study.

The right technology to keep participants participating

The most successful clinical trials keep participants engaged over the long term. The Datacubed app has been intentionally designed by behavioral scientists and user experience designers to seamlessly capture outcome data in person or virtually while encouraging patient interaction and engagement. With eCOA, diaries, eConsent, wearable and virtual visits in one app, the Datcubed app significantly reduces friction and frustration, which are the enemies of the patient experience.

Plus, ongoing communication, motivators at different time scales, and rewards at the completion of each treatment interval reinforce patient behavior and keep them participating throughout the duration of the trial.

eConsent clinical trial technology

Markedly simplifying the informed consent process for you and your patients. Consent, diaries, COA, PRO, ObsRO, ClinRO, adherence, and more in a single app. Consenting has never been so easy. Given that 30% of trial participants drop out during the consent process, you can’t afford unnecessary risks. With Datacubed Health you can be sure that we are compliant with regulatory standards and offer simplicity without compromise.

In-App Virtual Visits

For the purpose of relieving site and patient burden, we’ve enabled in-app virtual visits. Our TeleVisits solution is designed with you and your participants in mind. By and large, telehealth has become an expected form of communication between physicians/clinicians and patients. Meet your patients where they are with Datacubed Health’s Decentralized Trials platform.

Medication Adherence

Participants can easily enter critical information about study drug administration such as dosage, time administered, and injection site. Or, this data can be directly gathered from an external sensor. Study staff track and encourage medication adherence and follow up on any adverse events related to study drug comparison.

Could medication adherence be the missing link for your therapeutic area? Find out by reading this article.

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